Tromsø Tango Meeting

Tromsø Tango Meeting

In 2017 and 2019 we had the pleasure of arranging Tromsø Tango Meeting, the northernmost tango festival in the world (as far as we are aware anyway). In 2017 we had at the Midnight Sun edition and in 2019 we had the Northern Lights edition. We had an amazing time arranging these festivals, with milongas and lectures with great international teachers.

As the world is opening up again after the pandemic we hope to arrange another festival soon, stay tuned for the announcement!

Tromsø Tango Meeting is a role balanced event, and by this we only ask if you mainly dance as a leader or a follower. You can sign up without a partner, in this case you will be placed at a waiting list until there’s an even number of leaders and followers.

There will be both milongas with traditional and nuevo/alternative music.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this unique and amazing event!




Høstens vakreste eventyr.

Helgen 22.-24. oktober er det tid for tango- og dugnadshelt på Kråkeslottet. Stikkordene er tur, bading, sauna, tango, mat og sosialt samvær. Hold av helga!

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Velkommen til Tango!

Kjære alle tangodansere, ENDELIG er samfunnet åpnet opp igjen og vi kan begynne å danse igjen!! Vi starter med ny fast dag, tirsdager kl 20-22

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