Finally something special for us ladies!!!

Two workshops: Wednesday 16 and Thursday 17 November


Balance, feet position, Disociation (finding your own impulse for pivoting) and embellishments all combined in musicality.

Giro, boleos and rebounds, tension-relaxation on the embrace combined in musicality

Nani is open for our suggestion of topics, is there something you wish she adds to the programme?

TIME: 20:00 – 21:30
PRICE: 200 per workshop
REGISTRATION: polancowa [æt]

Nani is a professional female dancer who is coming to Tromsø to improve our technique and elegance in tango 🙂 …and to see the northern lights 😉

Watch her dance here:

More info about her here

She will also join us for Kråkeslottet Tango Weekend, with possibility of more workshops there….and will come to Monday practica 21 November 🙂

A lot of time for private classes too!