We are happy to announce the subjects for the course (as described by Gøran and Irem). There will be 5 workshops in total.

1. Waltz and alterations
We focus on musicality and rythms of waltz, alterations and the steps of the waltz.

2. Technique part 1.
– Abrazo, connection and Axis.
The best way to improve your tango. Find the freedom in the dance and have good communication with your partner.
3. Circular movements part 1.
– From pivot to giro and contragiro.

4. Technique 2.
– Abrazo and hips.
The best way to be a better leader/follower.
5. Circular movements 2.
– Giro with sacadas.

NB: The event will be updated shortly with more details regarding the spesific times.

Habibi dance studio, Søndre Tollbodgate 9

Price per person:
Single workshop: 250 NOK
Full course: 1000 NOK.

Registration: tromsotango@gmail.com

If you registrer with a partner, you will be guaranteed participation. If you register as a single leader/follower, you will be put on a prioritized waiting list until we can match you with a partner. This is to ensure role balance.