Skjermbilde 2017-12-16 kl. 20.42.01The program and details for the weekend course with Sebastian de la Vallina is ready, and registration is open!

Sebastian will be here for almost a week, and will have plenty of time to give private lessons during his stay. More details regarding booking of private lessons will come closer to the event.

If you registrer with a partner you are guaranteed participation. If you register as a single leader/follower, you will be put on a prioritized waiting list until we can match you with a partner. Please let us know when you register, if you are joining as a leader or follower.

All workshops + milonga: 1200,- (1000 student)
Single workshop: 300,- (250 student)
Milonga entrance: 50,-


Friday 9. February
19.00-20.30. Workshop 1 – Technique
Elasticity and the use of the weight.
Here we will study how we use the body and precision. The objective will be to obtain better elastisity and impulse.

Saturday 10. February
11.00-12.30. Workshop 2 – Technique
Here we focus on communication and connection between the leader and follower.

13.00-14.30. Workshop 3 – Milonga
This is like a game! The secret of the rhythm is first in the axis, and secondly in the feet.

20.00 Milonga!

Sunday 11. February
11.30-13.00. Workshop 4 – Musicality
We will work with legato and staccato of music. The legato is the lyric of tango and musical poetry. It generated one of the richest and most complex qualities of movement. The other interesting and fundamental quality is that of the Stacatto. The movement cut. And clearly, strength and power are key to tango.

13.30-15.00. Workshop 5 – Waltz
The tango waltz is the great invitation to fly. It looks like tango in some of its forms, but the quality, expression and meaning are very different! In this course we will also be comparing movements that are tango, but with waltz flavor.

Sebastian has also agreed to give the Monday lesson the 12’th of February.

All workshops and the milonga will be at Habibi.