Tango Polar welcomes you to a week-end beginners course in Argentine Tango.
During this course you will learn the basic steps and some simple tricks/movements that is often used during the social dance.

Skjermbilde 2019-11-13 kl. 13.00.55
Habibi dansestudio, Søndre Tollbodgate 9.

Saturday 22. and Sunday 23. February 12.00-15.30 (incl. breaks). All participants also get free access to our regular Monday class the following Monday 19.30-20.30. We will have beginner-friendly classes on Mondays from 24. February.

Sign-up: tromsotango@gmail.com

Price: 900,- pr person, students pay 700,-.

Instruction by Mats Roar & Inga.

You do not need partner to sign-up (but bringing a friend is always encouraged!), and you don’t need any special clothes or shoes. Come as you are 🙂

Also, participation on the course includes a free membership in Tango Polar for 2020.