The weekend course, the Christmas party and this Monday’s class.

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First of all we want to thank Gøran & Irem for the classes this weekend, and for the show last evening. You are most welcome to visit us again.



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Tomorrows class will be given by Johanna Jezernicki who is visiting us from Argentina.

The class will be about connection and communication, the ever so important corner-stone of tango which we always need to practice and focus on.



Also thank you so much to all the beautiful participants at the Christmas party, you are amazing!

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Workshops with Gøran & Irem 1.-3. Dec.

We are happy to announce the subjects for the course (as described by Gøran and Irem). There will be 5 workshops in total.

1. Waltz and alterations
We focus on musicality and rythms of waltz, alterations and the steps of the waltz.

2. Technique part 1.
– Abrazo, connection and Axis.
The best way to improve your tango. Find the freedom in the dance and have good communication with your partner.
3. Circular movements part 1.
– From pivot to giro and contragiro.

4. Technique 2.
– Abrazo and hips.
The best way to be a better leader/follower.
5. Circular movements 2.
– Giro with sacadas.

NB: The event will be updated shortly with more details regarding the spesific times.

Habibi dance studio, Søndre Tollbodgate 9

Price per person:
Single workshop: 250 NOK
Full course: 1000 NOK.


If you registrer with a partner, you will be guaranteed participation. If you register as a single leader/follower, you will be put on a prioritized waiting list until we can match you with a partner. This is to ensure role balance.

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Julebord / Christmas Party

Jula og adventstida nærmer seg med stormskritt, og da er det selvsagt også på tide med julebord.
Tradisjon tro blir det spleiselag, hvor alle bidrar med mat til koldtbordet.
Festen holdes på Habibi 2.des kl 20.00, og alle er velkomne uansett hvor lang fartstid man har på dansegulvet.
Fotskatt på julebordet blir 100,-.


Christmas is coming, which means that it is also time for Tango Polar Christmas party. We will do it like we have done it every year, where all participants bring some food which we all share.
Tha party will be at Habibi 2.dec from 20.00, and everyone is welcome no matter how long you have been dancing tango.
Entrance is 100,-.

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Adventspesial – kurs med Gøran & Irem.

Snart er tiden inne for nytt kurs, denne gangen med Gøran og Irem som kommer på besøk fra Bergen. Kurset holdes 1.helga i desember, og på lørdag samme helg arrangerer vi julebord!

Nærmere info om tidspunkt, pris og workshops kommer snart, så følg med!!

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It´s closing up on our next course, and this time Gøran and Irem are visiting us from Bergen. The workshops will be the first week-end of december (1.-3.), and during that same weekend we will hold the TangoPolar Christmas Party!

More information about the workshops will come soon, so stay tuned!!

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Weekend at Kråkeslottet!

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Finally the dates are set for the upcoming weekend at Kråkeslottet!
All tangueros and tangueras are welcome, regardless of dancing experience! This is first and foremost a social event. There will be tango, sauna, ice-bathing, hiking, maybe some yoga, but most importantly good company, good food, laughter and quiet time by the sea – this is a true spa for the soul!

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Details and practical info:
Transportation: We try to coordinate driving. If you have a car and can take passengers, or you need a ride, let us know.

Alternatively, take the boat from Tromsø Prostneset to Finnsnes, and continue by bus to Skaland (Berg) (see Let us know if you plan to do this, so we can arrange pick-up and drop-off at Skaland.

Food: Bring bread and spreads for breakfast/lunch Saturday and Sunday. We will cook dinner for everyone on Friday and Saturday. Please let us know if you have special dietary needs.

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Accomodation: There are plenty of sleeping space, some shared rooms and some single ones. Please bring a sleeping bag if you have one, to limit Georg’s washload of bedlinen. 


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Sauna: bring swimsuit and a towel!  … and for the really daring ones – ice-bathing!

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And last but not least: bring your tango shoes, and favorite tango playlist!

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Costs:  100 kr for lodging, and approximately 300 kr for dinner Friday and Saturday (we divide the total sum by the number of participants). Please install Vipps on your phone and bring 100 kr cash for Georg.

There is only bedspace for 20 people, so do not hesitate!!         

Sign up by November 15, to

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