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Anne Marit and Magnus coming again! Nov 27-29

Hello fellow tango dancers, here is the programme for the course with Anne Marit and Magnus scheduled for the weekend 27-29 NOV.

Remember, we have julebord on Saturday 28th of November! More info coming soon.

Friday 27NOV
1) 1730 – 1930 : Core techniques

Saturday 28NOV
2) 1100 – 1300 : Core techniques for pivots and giroes
3) 1330 – 1530 : Dynamics within the couple when we want it small and intense
4) 1600 – 1800 : Dynamics within the couple when we move fast (for Milonga)

M) 1930 – 0100 : Milonga (Show @ 2230) and Julebord!

Sunday 29NOV
5) 1100 – 1300 : Core techniques for sacadas and giroes
6) 1330 – 1530 : Dynamics within the couple when we want it small and intense
7) 1600 – 1800 : Dynamics within the couple when we move fast

The programme is divided in independent workshops of two hours each for a total of 7 workshops. The lessons will last in total 2 hours on Friday, 6 hours on Saturday and 6 hours on Sunday with 30 mins break between workshops to recover and allow people to get in and out between workshops.

Workshops 1), 2) and 5) are workshops open for everyone. We encourage beginners to take the workshops in order to get the basics right and we encourage experienced dancers to take the workshops as well in order to deepen the knowledge of the bases and gain a more harmonious flow on the floor. Anne Marit and Magnus will take care of the differences in the level of the dancers and you will definitively be satisfied whatever is your level.

We encourage to change dancing partner during the workshops in order to maximize the learn experience. We acknowledge that there are couples who would like to continue their learning path together and therefore would not like to change partner, no problem: just let us know at the beginning of the workshop and you are welcome to not to change partner!

1 workshop = 200 nok
Package of 3 workshops (any selection) = 550 nok
Package of 7 workshops (whole course) = 1100 nok
with 20% discount for students.

Please enroll at: kurs@tangopolar.info and indicate for which workshop you are enrolling by indicating the numbers (from 1 to 7) as in the program. If you have a dancing partner, you are guaranteed a place; if you sign up only yourself, we will let you know as soon as we have matching couples.

You can pay cash before the workshops or to Tangopolar bank account.


Check here more info about Anne Marit and Magnus.


Monthly themes in 2015-2016

We have had monthly themes on the Monday lessons again, here they are finally listed also on the website:

(September: Back to basics, with different themes every Monday)
(October: Circularity and embrace)
November: Musicality
December: Sacadas
January: Playfullnes; adornos and ganchos
February: Out of balance movements; colgadas, volgadas, etc
March: New beginner’s course, the cycle restarts


Enjoy the Mondays! And keep on eye on the tango calender!