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Weekend at Kråkeslottet!

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Finally the dates are set for the upcoming weekend at Kråkeslottet!
All tangueros and tangueras are welcome, regardless of dancing experience! This is first and foremost a social event. There will be tango, sauna, ice-bathing, hiking, maybe some yoga, but most importantly good company, good food, laughter and quiet time by the sea – this is a true spa for the soul!

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Details and practical info:
Transportation: We try to coordinate driving. If you have a car and can take passengers, or you need a ride, let us know.

Alternatively, take the boat from Tromsø Prostneset to Finnsnes, and continue by bus to Skaland (Berg) (see tromskortet.no). Let us know if you plan to do this, so we can arrange pick-up and drop-off at Skaland.

Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/qh1NN3odA172
Food: Bring bread and spreads for breakfast/lunch Saturday and Sunday. We will cook dinner for everyone on Friday and Saturday. Please let us know if you have special dietary needs.

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Accomodation: There are plenty of sleeping space, some shared rooms and some single ones. Please bring a sleeping bag if you have one, to limit Georg’s washload of bedlinen. 


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Sauna: bring swimsuit and a towel!  … and for the really daring ones – ice-bathing!

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And last but not least: bring your tango shoes, and favorite tango playlist!

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Costs:  100 kr for lodging, and approximately 300 kr for dinner Friday and Saturday (we divide the total sum by the number of participants). Please install Vipps on your phone and bring 100 kr cash for Georg.

There is only bedspace for 20 people, so do not hesitate!!         

Sign up by November 15, to tollefsenmari@gmail.com.

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Finally, Pablo Inza and Sofia Saborido is here!

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We are so happy to finally have Pablo and Sofia giving workshops this weekend!

Join us for milonga on Saturday at Habibi dancestudio from 20.00. Be there or…BE THERE!!!

PS: It’s not to late to sign up for a workshop, or a private lesson.


Registration is now open!

The programme is ready, and the registration is now open!

Don’t miss the opportunity to dance with and learn from our guest-instructors Pablo Inza and Sofia Saborido in august. 

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Thursday Aug 31’st

19.30-21.00: Deep work on fundamental technique – balance and axis in motion, connection, embrace, walking, linear and circular movements.

Friday Sept 1’st

19.30-21.00: Deep work on fundamentals – balance and axis in motion, connection, embrace, walking, linear and circular movements.

Saturday Sept 2’nd

10.30: Basic and effective rebounds and giros (turns). Play with the rhythm!
13.00: Vals – understanding the rythm to adapt our dynamics.


Sunday Sept 3’rd

11.30: Upgrade your dance by using pauses and adornments. Create space for styling and musicality.
14.00: Milonga lisa and traspie. Get the rhythm and practice some cool ideas for the dance floor.

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Place: Habibi dance studio, Søndre Tollbodgate 9

Single class: 350 NOK
Seminar (two classes, thursday and friday): 650 NOK
All classes + seminar (six classes in total): 1800 NOK.
Early bird prize for all classes + seminar: 1500 NOK when you pay before august 1st.

Registration:  tromsotango@gmail.com.
Level for all classes are intermediate/advanced. If you register with a partner you are guaranteed participation. If you register as a single leader or follower, the organizers will match single leaders/followers to ensure role balance.

Private lessons: It is possible to take private lessons at Habibi on Friday. Please contact Kirsten Kjelstrup in Tango Polar, or Pablo Inza himself, if you are interested. Please note that there is a 50 NOK cover charge for your private lesson at Habibi.

For more information about Pablo and Sofia, visit their website: http://pabloysofia.com/




Weekend workshops with Pablo Inza and Sofia Saborido 31.aug – 3.sept.

There will be workshops and of course an evening milonga!

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Stay tuned for more information regarding price, registration and workshop details!




Thank you so much – Anna Lukaszek!

It’s been two weeks since we enjoyed the very first Tromsø Tango Meeting – Midnight Sun Edition, and what a weekend!

Skjermbilde 2017-03-03 kl. 22.16.44
Thank you so much, our main-organizer and the woman behind the idea, Anna Lukaszek!

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We are already looking forward to next time, and then – The Northern Lights Edition. Stay tuned for more info….