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Verdens nordligste tangoklubb


Weekend workshops with Pablo Inza and Sofia Saborido 31.aug – 3.sept.

There will be workshops and of course an evening milonga!

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Stay tuned for more information regarding price, registration and workshop details!




Thank you so much – Anna Lukaszek!

It’s been two weeks since we enjoyed the very first Tromsø Tango Meeting – Midnight Sun Edition, and what a weekend!

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Thank you so much, our main-organizer and the woman behind the idea, Anna Lukaszek!

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We are already looking forward to next time, and then – The Northern Lights Edition. Stay tuned for more info….


Tangoshow på Vårscenefest.

I regi av VårSceneFest blir det et innslag av Argentinsk Tango på selveste finalen for Vårscenefest. Vi har fått gleden av å åpne finalen på lørdag kl 20.00 i Provisoriet på Rådstua. Sjekk ut Vårscenefest på deres nettside vaarscenefest.no for mer informasjon!

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TangoGetAwayWeek-end at Kråkeslottet 31. March-2. April!

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A bit short notice, but hey – why not be sponaneous?!
There will be tango, sauna, ice-bathing, some physical labor, good company, good food, laughter and quiet time by the sea – a true spa for the soul!

Details and practical info:
Transport: We try to coordinate driving. If you have a car and can take passengers, or you need a ride, let us know. Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/qh1NN3odA172

 Alternatively, take the boat at 16.00 from Tromsø Prostneset HB

(Tromsø) and continue by bus to Skaland (Berg) (see tromskortet.no). Let us know if you plan to do this, so we can arrange pick-up and drop-off at Skaland.

Food: Bring spreads for breakfast/lunch Saturday and Sunday. Georg will bake bread, and we will make waffles for lunch on Saturday and possibly rice porridge for lunch on Sunday. We will cook dinner Friday and Saturday.

Dietary needs: We plan to serve fish and maybe meat. Please let us know well ahead of time if you have special dietary needs.

Accomodation: There are plenty of sleeping space, some shared rooms and some single ones. Please bring a sleeping bag if you can, to limit Georg’s washload of bedlinen.

Sauna: bring swimsuit and a towel!  .. and for the really daring ones – ice-bathing!

Dugnad: the plan is to oil and paint the boats, and maybe oil the quay if the weather permits it. Bring warm work clothes and work gloves, if you have.

Kråkeslottet IMGP4916 V2


And last but not least: bring your tango shoes, and favorite tango playlist!

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There is space for 20 people. Sign up (preferably by Tuesday, March 28), to mielinn@gmail.com.

Costs: 50 kr for electricity, and aprox 300 kr for food (dinner, waffles etc. we divide the sum on the number of participants). Please bring cash.


Call Mie at 93041461 for more info, or to discuss details.

Hope to see you there!

Georg & Mie



Milonganight with Tango Polar and Sebastian de La Valllina!

Welcome to tonights milonga and get the chance to dance with Sebastian de La Vallina. The party is hosted by Tango Polar, and for this spesific evening we are located in the basement of Driv from 19.00-00.00. Everybody is welcome, it doesn’t matter whether you have dances tango for years or just tried a couple of times. You are even welcome if this is your first attempt!
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Driv Studenthus is located in the city centre. Click here for location in map!

The entrance is 50 kr (unless you palready paid for the package deal with workshops+milonga).