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Verdens nordligste tangoklubb


Monday practica with Sebastian de La Vallina.

We hope that everyone enjoyed this weekends workshops with Sebastian.

If you were unable to make it to the weekend-workshops or the milonga this Saturday, you still have a chance to dance with Sebastian. We are happy to announce that Sebastian will be leading the practica this Monday at Habibi 19:30 -21:00. The entrance price will be higher due to this, 150 kr (100 kr for students). The practica is open for everybody and all levels! Afterwards there will be social dancing and milonga as usual.


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Milonganight with Tango Polar and Sebastian de La Valllina!

Welcome to tonights milonga and get the chance to dance with Sebastian de La Vallina. The party is hosted by Tango Polar, and for this spesific evening we are located in the basement of Driv from 19.00-00.00. Everybody is welcome, it doesn’t matter whether you have dances tango for years or just tried a couple of times. You are even welcome if this is your first attempt!
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Driv Studenthus is located in the city centre. Click here for location in map!

The entrance is 50 kr (unless you palready paid for the package deal with workshops+milonga).



Tromsø Tango Meeting 19.-24. May!

Don’t miss the first edition of this amazing event!

NB: Reduced prices for Early Birds if you register within 10’th of March.

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The event is organized by Tango Polar –  the northernmost Argentine Tango club in the world.

We dream of making Tromsø a Buenos Aires of the North… Help us make it happen!

There are 3 elements to the event: Workshops, Marathon and Tango GetAway. 

You are welcome to join all three or choose the ones that suit you the best.

 Klikk her for mer info og påmelding. / Press here for more info and registration.





Kurs med Sebastian de Vallina!

Welcome to Argentine tango workshops with Sebastian de La Vallina!

Sebastian comes from Rosario and studied tango in Buenos Aires with, among all, El Tete Rusconi, el “Pupi” Castello, “Mingo” Pugliese, Roberto Herrerra, Gustavo Naveira, J.Carlos Copes.

As a musician he has a deep understanding and passion for musicality, he is a great performer and entertainer, so the classes are deeply inspirational as well as very entertaining. :)

Sebastian will be our guest on the Saturday milonga 18 March, which will take place in Driv (same entrance as the bar, but downstairs).

He will be also available for private classes during his stay in Tromsø 17’th-2’1th March (Driv in the weekend, and private space during the week – provide your own or ask Ania for other options)

Weekend classes will take place in Studenthuset Driv – Storgata 1 – in the basement.
Monday class will take place in Habibi – Søndre Tollbodgate 9.



Friday 17’th of March – at DRIV

19.00-20.30    Workshop 1  TANGO MELODIC (Connection and quality)

Saturday 18’th of March – at DRIV

11.00-12.30    Workshop 2    RHYTHMIC TANGO (Precission)
13.00-14.30    Workshop 3    MILONGA – dancing style (Differences and similarities with the tango)

19.00-00.00    MILONGA EVENING – let’s dance till our feet get sore and we can’t stand no more! 😀

Sunday 19’th of March – at DRIV

12.00- 13.30    Workshop 4   WALTZ (Fundamentals)
13.30-14.30     Dinner break
14.30-16.00     Workshop 5   POWER TANGO (Pugliese Orchestre)

Monday 20’th of March – at HABIBI

19:30 -21:00    Workshop 6   Tango Orchesta (Musicality)



1100 kr (900 student): 6 workshops incl. milonga evening – it is not necessary to have a partner to registrate
250 kr (200 student): single workshops during the weekend – registration for couples only!
50 kr for milonga evening
150 (100 student) for Monday workshop – open for everybody and all levels

REGISTRATION by email to:    tromsotango@gmail.com





3.-5. februar: Kurs og kino med Pablo og Julia – Workshop and cinema with Pablo & Julia

Pablo Fidanza og Julia Marini er tilbake! De kommer fra Buenos Aires, og lærer oss stilige trinn og hjelper oss å analysere og forstå dem slik at vi kan jobbe videre på egen hånd.

Siden sist har Pablo vært kunstnerisk leder på dette tiårets tangofilm, Our Last Tango, regissert av Wim Wenders. Vi tar filmen med oss til Verdenseatret og avslutter kurshelga med kino, hvor Pablo og Julia kommer til å snakke om filmen og danse for oss.

Pablo og Julia er tilgjengelige for privattimer – se under.


The course will be taught in English.

Fredag 3, februar

19.00 – 20.30: Workshop 1 –  Technique for two: comfort and quality dancing with a partner (all levels)

20:30 – 22:00: Practica

Lørdag 4. februar

11.00 – 12.30: Workshop 2 –  No fear milonga: fast and relaxed, complex and fun! (all levels)

13.00 – 14.30: Workshop 3 – Small colgadas to shine on the dancefloor. (Intermediate/advanced)

19.00 – 00.00: Milonga (Habibi)

Søndag 5. februar

12.00 – 13.30: Workshop 4 – Circular movements to dance valse. (Intermediate/advanced)

14.00 – 15.30: Workshop 5 –  Special steps of the most famous old milongueros from Buenos Aires! (Intermediate/advanced)

18.00 – 21.00: Movie! Verdensteatret, Storgata 93


PLACE:  Habibi dansestudio, Søndre Tollbodgate 7


1200 kr (1000 student) for the whole package: 5 workshops + practica + milonga, open for single registration

250 kr (200 student) for single workshop. Couples only!

100 kr for practica

50 kr for milonga

100 kr for movie (pay at VT)

REGISTRATION  kurs@tangopolar.info

Registration deadline: January 31st

Write in the KID: Your name and what you are paying for

NB – if you sign up without a partner, you do not have a place until you have received a confirmation email (this is just because we need equal numbers of leaders and followers).  

We will switch partners regularly. Those who do not want to switch partners do not have to.



Pablo and Julia are available for private lessons Wednesday, Thursday and during daytime Friday (Feb 1-3).

You must provide space and transport from Balsfjordvinden. Price: 600 kr/single and 700 kr/couple.

kurs [æt] tangopolar.info