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2015 Golf offers more to please the eyes

Volkswagen has finally unveiled its much anticipated seventh generation Golf. The 2015 Golf has been redesigned from the ground up, and thanks to its earlier release in Europe, has already received many accolades including the "2013 World Car of the Year" award.

The VW Golf is the world’s second best selling model in history with about 30 million of them sold over 40 years. The original was made in 1974 and was designed as a front wheel drive, front engine replacement to VW’s air cooled, rear engine, rear wheel drive Beetle.

James May, host of BBC’s ‘Top Gear,’ recently said, "Golf’s are like potatoes. You wouldn’t want to do without them,
replica ray ban sunglasses even though they’re not really that exciting." That is until you consider the sporty GTI version.

The 2015 Golf is available in both three door and five door hatchback models; there are three trim lines to choose from as well.

Performance Initially, the Golf will be available with three different four cylinder engines. The base, and likely most common, will be the 1.8 litre gasoline engine in
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discount ray bans models. This motor is rated at 170 hp and 185 lb ft of torque.

The optional engine is the TDI’s 2.0 litre turbodiesel. The Golf TDI produces 150 hp and 236 lb ft of torque. Both powertrains are more efficient but still feel peppy and refined.

The base transmission for TSI Golfs is a five speed manual, which is good yet unexciting in some ways. The six speed automatic provides smooth and linear power delivery. TDI models have the choice of either a six speed manual or a sixspeed automatic DSG with Tiptronic this latter selection is truly worldclass.

Both the TSI and TDI have the same suspension set
discount ray bans up, and therefore driving characteristics are similar. Those seeking more performance can opt for VW’s iconic GTI. The GTI’s 2.0 litre turbo produces 210 hp and 258 lb ft of torque, and it comes standard with the six speed manual while the six speed auto DSG is available as an option.

All Golf models benefit from VW’s Cross Differential System (XDS). Previously only available on the GTI, this system monitors the suspension load and will brake the inside wheel to relieve understeer.

Environment The 2015 Golf’s interior boasts high grade materials and a level of fit and finish that looks like they came from Audi (which isn’t surprising considering that VW and Audi share many suppliers which provide the interior trims).

Thanks to its innovative "MQB Platform," the new Golf offers more shoulder room in both rows. Rear seat legroom has also been increased.

VW has raised the level of quality, and the result is the Golf is incredibly comfortable. The suspension is nice and supple, allowing it to glide over bumps and the sound proofing makes the cabin serenely quiet.

The Golf comes with a massive standard features list. All trim levels feature a 5.8 inch colour touchscreen, Bluetooth mobile phone connectivity, and satellite radio.

The only thing marring its otherwise great quality is an unnecessarily clicking noise that can be heard when the car was shifted in reverse.

Features Pricing for the 2015 Golf starts at $18,995 and ranges up to $34,295 Standard equipment includes keyless entry, heated exterior mirrors, power windows with key closing feature, automatic post collision braking, Intelligent Crash Response System, and speed sensitive power steering. Additional features, available as options or on higher trims, include cruise control, heated front seats, a rearview camera, and a panoramic sunroof.

Fuel efficiency numbers: (L/100km) for the 1.8 litre TSI are 9.3 city and 6.4 highway. TDI models return 7.7 city and 5.2 highway. The GTI’s 2.0 litre is rated at 9.4 city and 6.9 highway.Articles Connexes:


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s burning ambition lies in retail expansion

Zippo lighters have retained their
cheap ray ban outlet retro cool even as the tiny northwestern Pennsylvania company that makes them gets ready to celebrate its 80th anniversary and 500 millionth lighter next year.

But with pressure increasing on folks not to smoke, Zippo Manufacturing Co. is hoping to capitalize on its brand by offering a wider variety of products from watches to leisure clothing to cologne through kiosks and Zippo brand specialty stores designed to showcase the durable image reinforced by each distinctive lid "click" of its brass encased, lifetime guaranteed lighters.

Realizing that producing 18 million lighters a year in the mid 1990s was probably the company’s high water mark Zippo’s 550 employees will produce about 12 million lighters this year the company started marketing research before president and chief executive officer Gregory Booth was hired 10 years ago.

The surveys asked consumers the question Booth must answer today: "What kind of products could we sell other than cigarette lighters that people would accept as Zippo products?"

The research shows the company tucked into a valley above the Allegheny National Forest, some 130 miles northeast of Pittsburgh could sell other products if they fit Zippo’s image, which Booth describes as "rugged, durable, made in America, iconic."

"It has to be something that feels like Zippo," Booth said of the travel bags, backpacks, watches, sunglasses, jeans and leisure shirts, wallets, pens, liquor flasks, outdoor hand warmers, playing cards and even a fragrance. Manufactured by Italian perfumer Mavive, it comes in a lighter shaped canister (and, yes, a lid that clicks).

Marketing experts said all that makes sense provided that Zippo’s new products stay true to the brand and that the company learns quickly that selling jeans, or any other product, comes with a whole menu of unique business complexities.

"A brand is just a story attached to a product. Like any narrative, it carries sensation. Zippo’s story is ‘manly independence,’" said James Twitchell, a marketing expert whose book "Lead Us Into Temptation: The Triumph of American Materialism" argues that Americans have increasingly turned to brand names, instead of religion, for their identity. has had selling watches, luggage, clothing and fragrances.

"It’s all high quality, and they did it right, and I buy their stuff," said Lucas, noting that Swiss Army luggage is as rugged as its trademarked multi purpose knives.

But not any brand even American icons can be used to sell just anything.

"Harley Davidson once, believe it or not, tried to sell bottled water, and it just tanked," Lucas said.

His advice is to stick to products closer to a brand’s core. That’s why he likes Zippo’s still on the drawing board plans for patio gas grills but isn’t so crazy about the idea of Zippo cologne noting that lighter fluid is the only other liquid odor associated with Zippo.

Booth insists Zippo’s plans are built on solid market research and, perhaps as important, fueled by necessity.

"We recognize there’s a lot of pressure on smoking and it’s only gotten worse in the last 10 years," Booth said, even though Zippo aggressively markets its lighters to collectors, aficionados and even non smokers, with more than a dozen models in hundreds of colors and unique designs. Although the lighters are generally plated with nickel chrome, some lighters are even covered with gold or platinum.

But Booth believes those varieties can only take the company so far.

"We knew we were invested in an industry that was under pressure and knew we could go the way of the Hula Hoop and not do anything about it," Booth said.

Instead, Zippo hired David Warfel as its director of global marketing three years ago, to capitalize on his branding experience with Xerox, Kodak and Ray Ban.

Zippo already sells its lighters in more than 160 countries but it does so through wholesalers and other distributors. Warfel was hired to take control of the Zippo "brand" and expand it, at first overseas and then gradually in the United States.

The newest wing of the company’s headquarters is a showcase for Zippo’s plans. It features a Zippo kiosk and what’s known as a "shop in shop" a tiny Zippo store meant to take up residence inside a larger department store and a prototype Zippo specialty store, which the company plans to put in overseas shopping districts.

All three retail spaces feature custom designed black framed, glass showcases that "fit together like Legos" so retailers can create their own "Zippo area" in just about any size space, Warfel said.

Zippo will push its expanded product line overseas, at first, because foreign consumers are familiar with the brand’s durable image without it being "almost umbilically tied to cigarette lighters," Booth said. consumers "are so tied to Zippo lighters that it’s tough for the customer to make the jump to these other products."

Although there are plans for a Zippo kiosk at Kennedy International Airport in New York City by the end of April, most Zippo outlets will first arrive in China, other parts of Asia, or western Europe. It doesn’t hurt that Asia remains a key smoking market, with China consuming one third of the world’s smoking tobacco, something Booth calls a "monstrous opportunity" to grow Zippo.

In 18 months or so, Zippo hopes
discount ray bans to open more stateside retail outlets, in places like Las Vegas and Niagara Falls, Warfel said.

Another marketing expert agreed Zippo is smart to expand its brand but warned that selling other
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Bolivar Bueno, the founder of Cult Branding Co. near Orlando, Fla., has developed strategies for clients as diverse as Kohl’s department stores and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Bueno said Zippo will be
discount ray bans competing to sell clothes alongside companies that have done nothing but that for decades. He also warns that Zippo needs to be careful about who makes its products saying it could hurt the brand if it turns out its rugged, durable and "American" products are made in Third World sweatshops.

Booth said that Zippo’s new products, though made elsewhere, are manufactured to Zippo worthy specifications and that some components like watch cases may eventually be manufactured in house.Articles Connexes:


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Parks and Open Space

How you can get involved in expanding and maintaining our parks:

1. Join the letter writing campaign to lobby the DEP to more quickly provide permits so the City can rebuild Sinatra Park.

Update On Open Space ProjectsThe City is close to securing nearly $2 million in funding for Sinatra Park from Hudson County, the
cheap ray bans Federal Government, and Green Acres.

The Zimmer Administration saved more than $1.1 million in grant funds that was nearly lost by restarting the stalled process for remediation of 1600 Park and Hoboken Cove.

The City applied for $200,000 in funding from the US Soccer Foundation for a field at 1600 Park.

The City applied for remediation grant funding for the park next to the Boys and Girls Club.

The City applied for soil testing grant funding for the Play project at Church Square Park.

A possible alternate design for Sinatra Park would significantly reduce the cost to rebuild the park.

Sinatra Field and Castle Point Park

City engineers have completed geotechnical and ground penetrating radar studies at Frank Sinatra Park and have met with the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to review and discuss plans. The Administration is presenting two potential alternative plans for the park and soliciting input from the community. One concept would significantly reduce
cheap ray bans the time frame and cost to rebuild the park by moving the soccer field completely onto land instead of partially constructing over water.

In parallel with conducting the necessary geotechnical studies, the Administration has been working to secure grants to fund the reconstruction of the park and reduce the cost to taxpayers. Funding cannot be secured retroactively after the park has already been built.

City engineers also recently completed geotechnical studies for the collapsed walkway section of Castle Point Park. Engineers have proposed creating a sheet metal bulkhead around the walkway and filling it in with lightweight concrete. The City engineer is working to acquire the appropriate permits from the DEP.

Environmental cleanup of 1600 Park is complete, and the City is awaiting approval from the DEP that the remediation is satisfactory. Remediation has been contracted out for Hoboken Cove, which
fake ray bans includes more extensive remediation than 1600 Park. Concurrent with the environmental remediation of Hoboken Cove, the City will develop designs for both parks. A Request for Proposals which was due by October 13 was issued for a firm to design both properties a comprehensive, cohesive park. Proposals were received from 18 firms. The proposals were reviewed internally, and five of the firms were interviewed. The top three firms have been submitted to the Quality of Life subcommittee for consideration.

The design process is expected to be a 4 to 6 month process, including the preparation of bid documents for the construction work. Ideally, construction will begin in Spring 2011 with completion early next fall. Any grass fields that may be constructed may need adequate time for seed/sod to take and therefore may not be immediately usable.

To complete the design and development phase, the City has a $1 million Green Acres grant for Hoboken Cove and $237,000 of Hudson County open space funds is available toward the construction of the boathouse. An additional $1 million Green Acres grant will go to fund 1600 Park, along with a $700,000 Green Acres loan which may be forgivable and approximately $200,000 remaining from a Hudson County open space grant.

The City has applied for a grant from the EPA to conduct soil testing, and a response is expected in the spring. Working with the City Council, the Administration has held several community meetings to discuss the project. The Administration thanks Project Play for all of their hard work both advocating and fundraising for upgrading the park facilities.

The Administration is moving forward with plans to replace park equipment at the park adjacent to the Boys and Girls Club. Soil and ground water testing has been completed and submitted to the DEP for review and comment. The City has applied for a grant from the EPA to conduct remediation of the park, and a response is expected in the spring. An application for playground equipment was submitted to KABOOM, and public meetings have been held at the site.

In August 2009, the City submitted an application for Green Acres funding for acquiring land for a Southwest park. A redevelopment study is ongoing which is expected to be completed at the end of January, and if the area is designated an area if need of redevelopment, a public visioning process will occur to determine which public amenities, such as a park, are desired in the area. Concurrently, the City will continue to pursue grant funding toward the acquisition of portions of the park area. A Subregional Transportation Study of the area is expected to make recommendations about issues including the potential rerouting of Paterson Plank Road, after which the Planning Board and City Council would begin the public process to consider the matter. The Zimmer Administration has been in contact with the Trust for Public Land and accepted their recent offer of assistance to acquire the land.

The Administration, working with the Trust for Public Land, has been in discussions and negotiations for the last year to acquire a large area of land, known as the Henkel site, for a park. The property is owned by Cognis. The City currently has $3 million in funding to acquire the site, and the Administration has applied for additional Green Acres funding. The City was close to an agreement to purchase the site, but because Cognis is now being bought out by another entity, discussions were delayed until the closing of the purchase, scheduled for the end of the year. The Trust for Public Land has been in communication with the company acquiring the Henkel site, and they are very receptive to working with City.

Thanks to collaboration with Hudson County and a public community process, the replacement of the
cheap ray bans 14th Street Viaduct will include a beautiful space beneath the structure with a dog run, playground, active recreation court, and multi purpose space. The Zimmer Administration thanks those involved in the community meetings and the stakeholder process. The challenge is the need for funding for returfing the field.Articles Connexes:


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Samantha Cameron’s often very expensive belts are eye

As any clever woman knows, it’s not the expensive dress that makes an outfit, but how you accessorise it that counts. And nobody knows this better than the fashion forward Samantha Cameron.

Take the outfit she wore to her husband’s launch of his party manifesto this week her emerald green dress may have caught the eye, but it was her cinching of it with a
fake Michael Kors chic white belt that gave it a discreet yet
replica Michael Kors handbags distinctive twist.

And on closer inspection, belts have been the centrepiece of Sam Cam’s glamorous look for years. Indeed, the Prime Minister’s wife is rarely seen without her sartorial staple.

Looking back over her public appearances reveals an impressive collection of belts that must have cost thousands of pounds, from High Street basics to designer
Michael Kors handbags outlet favourites. In fact, sometimes they cost more than the dress they accompany!

Certainly, whether she’s opting for evening elegance, dressed down days or even a holiday in the sun, Sam Cam has a belt for every occasion.

And, intriguingly, not a single one of them hails from Smythson, the luxury leather goods brand where she works as a consultant . . . It’s on sale at John Lewis and is said to be ‘perfect for day to night transition’ just what a politician’s wife needs when she’s trudging round after her husband. Right:White leather jeans belt, Whistles, 35. Made
michael kors handbags outlet from pure leather and finished with a gold buckle, this is a classic. It’s an edgy fashion choice that compliments her 185 dress by little known British label The Fold and at the same time is politically neutral. Sam has only worn it once before

Left:Brown leather belt, Emilia Wickstead, 160. This casual brown number, paired with a simple dress (Hobbs, 129) at a rally last week, is from an older range by
Michael Kors handbag outlet Wickstead, also favoured by the Duchess of Cambridge. It’s been in the wardrobe for years: she also wore it to a wedding in 2011. Right:Black crocodile embossed leather belt, Emilia Wickstead, 196. This design with adjustable gold stud fastening is by far her favourite belt. trip with a hot pink Roksanda Ilincic top, 455, and Joseph trousers, 275

Left:New York saddle belt, Jigsaw, 49 (now 20). She wore this one in Granada, Spain, on a trip to mark her 40th birthday in 2011. Matched with a jersey dress (12.99, H to give a flowing feminine silhouette. Right: Black belt, part of a dress by Osman Yousefzada price on request. A fitting choice for the British Fashion Awards in 2010, Sam clinched in her waist with this demure, floor skimming dress by the London designer (1,500). A built in belt was the perfect accessory for a new
Michael Kors discounts mother (she had given birth just three months previously) trying to regain her figure

Left:Black textured belt, Reiss, 89. Sam Cam paired this hot off the catwalk Michael Van Der Ham blue dress (1,250) with a
Michael kors handbags outlet simple belt from High Street brand Reiss for a Christopher Kane show at London Fashion Week in 2012. Right:Slim leather ‘Philippe’ belt in nude, Reiss, 49. Crafted from snake effect leather, this waist defining number made its debut in 2012, at a Downing Street reception for former prime ministers. Mrs C paired it with a party political pale blue dress by the Scottish fashion designer Jonathan Saunders (825)

Left: Wide brown leather belt, Marni, 250. Another that has been in her wardrobe for years, this last appeared at a Vogue party in 2011, paired with a Vivienne Westwood Gold Label green dress (600). It’s expensive, but it’s a reliable choice, with a false buckle and a push stud fastening at the back. Right:Metallic gold tie belt, Accessorize, 29.99. Sam paired a cheaper belt with a Smythson clutch bag and Ralph Lauren dress (92).Articles Connexes嚗�

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World Mechs Straight out of Science Fiction

That worrying elephantine metal bastard up there is called the Walking Truck, and because that name just isn’t doing it in the Terror Department, it was also called the Cybernetic Anthropomorphous Machine. Since "the Walking Truck" sounds like a cameo character in Thomas the Tank Engine and the "Cybernetic Anthropomorphous Machine" stirs up mental images of cold steel feet stomping their way methodically through playgrounds and orphanages everywhere we’ll
discount Michael Kors go with the latter. It’s far more accurate.

The CAM was a literal war mech, built by General Electric back in 1966. Its purpose was to move cargo and weapons through rough
replica Michael Kors handbags terrain during battles. It actually involves no electricity; the whole thing is operated via manual control of hydraulic servos.

Sure, doubts were raised about its inherent balance and mobility because there’s a kind of pulley system following the thing around through
cheap michael kors parts of the video but look closely: The rope is slack most of the time. It seems to be serving more as a precaution than a support. These scientists are still human beings,
fake Michael Kors after all. While they might know, objectively, that this shambling steel rhino skeleton is entirely rider operated, and therefore physically unable to snap and rampage through the complex in a berserk murder spree they’re still going to put a leash on it, just in case. Besides, there are plenty of images of the thing moving freely, and even a few of the later prototypes, which had stabilizing arms so it could never
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet fall
Michael Kors outlet over in such a way that you could not right it again. Long story short: It worked, and with a little more development, it could have worked really well.

If it does all that, can you really call it a statue? Some days, I barely roll down the stairs to "work" on the Internet, and yet I’m legally considered an autonomous being. "Statue" is downright insulting. Let’s be politically correct and just call
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet it a "physically challenged battlemech." But whatever, you might be thinking, because you’ve become jaded by the Internet, we’ve seen plenty of scale models of crazy crap before. Nothing special here. And that’s actually what is
cheap Michael Kors so special about this one: It’s not scaled at all. This Gundam statue stands 59 feet tall at the head.Articles Connexes:

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